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Residing in a cozy Leicestershire village, just a stone's throw from Nottinghamshire's edge, I share my days with my wife Kelly, my partner in adventure, and our lively trio—our son and two spirited daughters. By day, I navigate the world through the lens of a wedding photographer, a role that transcends mere work to become a great passion. 


With camera in hand, every summer I dive into the whirlwind of wedding festivities and every week, I get to crash a party as a wedding photographer. Yep, it's basically like having a VIP pass to the best shindigs in town!

Being your own boss is pretty sweet. I call the shots, choose my workdays, and clock out whenever I want to chill with my little nippers. Plus, who knew being a photographer could justify buying all that ridiculously expensive camera gear that my wife would never let me do if it wasn't for my job!!

And the best part? I get to explore new places and venues that I never even knew existed. It's like going on a treasure hunt every time I pick up my camera.

Craig Hickey photographer in Leicester and surrounding areas


Every photographer brings their own flair to the table, and mine? Well, it's all about being creative, colorful, and fun—without any of that cheesy stuff. I'm like a stealth ninja with my camera, carefully selecting those magic moments that capture all the emotion, joy, and significance of your special day.

I believe in quality over quantity, so you won't find me clicking away like a paparazzi. Instead, I aim to document your day discreetly, ensuring you can relax and enjoy the moment while I work my magic in the background.


With over a decade of wedding photography under my belt, I've honed my skills to be in the right place at the right time, capturing those fleeting moments that make your day unforgettable.

Photography isn't just a job for me—it's my passion turned career. If you want to see what my couples have to say about my work, check out my testimonials​. And if you're ready to chat about your big day, hit me up! You can reach me on my contacts page from the button below or give me a call on 07980 743195. Hope to hear from you soon!

Creative, stylish, modern, luxury wedding photography
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